a ‘oui’ we like

Oui Oui…even the name is darling. This cutie patootie coffee shop rustles up a tempting proposition for those missing a slice of home. i’ve been reliably informed that it’s reminiscent of NYC coffee shops but having never been, I can only compare it to personal experience of those in London and Paris. In spite of its location, nestled in the heart of ‘cool’ Palermo, with a plethora of potential competition, Oui Oui stands out. I went there for the first time, in my usual sorry Sunday state. Looking for a worthy fatty breakfast that isn’t medialunas in this city can be challenging, and factura just doesn’t cut the mustard on a hangover. Bacon is scarcer than small change and decent scrambled eggs a fictitious concept.

But deliver they did. They offer 4 breakfast options ranging from 22-25 pesos, of which french toast and scrambled eggs with panceta are highlights, all of which include coffee and toast as standard. Hefty pitchers of rustic homemade lemonade punctuated with fresh mint are absurdly cheap at 15 pesos.

The decor is the right side of kitsch; obligatory trechikoffesque paintings, twee samplers, blackboard chalked menus and flea market fare adorn the walls. The counter boasts an array of baked treats just begging to induce a sugar coma, with twinkle-eyed staff eager to facilitate the process.

The outside seating allows for some gentle people watching, the clientele is predictably polylingual and cosmopolitan, but thankfully the atmosphere is more laid back than trendy.

There are two branches within a block of each other which would suggest a need to cater for the rush hour crowd overspill, indeed, we had to put our name down for a table on arrival, a strong indicator of the quality of the place.

It’s hard to say no…


patience is a virtue

oui two

egg on your face

limonada !

counter culture

lox of eggs

Oui Oui – Nicaragua 6068, Palermo, Buenos Aires


One Comment on “a ‘oui’ we like”

  1. Cheryl Sokel says:

    Cool review – will add ‘Oui Oui’ to list of places to eat well and enjoy.

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