inspiration – windswept hair

I’d like to share on a regular basis things that inspire me, through words and pictures.

This week, it’s windswept hair. I’m a little like Samson, my hair is my strength.
I remember once a few years ago, I walked out of a job I particularly hated, and made a beeline for my hairdresser, at that time on Roman Road in East London. Chop it all off, I said, and it did at the time feel incredibly empowering, as if I’d unburdened myself of all the poison, offloaded all the ill feeling I’d been harbouring for weeks onto the sticky linoleum floor. But within days I felt bereft, as if somehow I’d lost a limb, although I reassured myself it was only hair, it would grow back.

Yet when I have it, wind and drizzle, so synonymous with the British weather does few favours for a good coiff. Hair rivaling a bog, or Basil’s brush is not a look I aspire to. Even in jest. Buenos Aires in the summer is no better. Being subjected to the moist, sea air makes ‘Frizz-Ease’ redundant, and if it’s not the humidity, it’s the glacial biting wind that blows my hair every which way, now that we’re in the firm grip of winter.

So here are a selection of images which inspire me to take the buffeting of wind in my stride, and even attempt a smile every once in a while. It wouldn’t hurt now would it?

images: weheartit, flickr, facebook, google images


2 Comments on “inspiration – windswept hair”

  1. Great post. I love to blog myself and have three. Your communication through different senses is wonderful. thanks for sharing this

  2. Porter says:

    Beautiful pics!

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