divine idylle # 4 : lio

Lio (real name Wanda Ribeiro de Vasconcelos) is a Belgian singer and actress. She was a French pop icon during the 80s, working with musical luminaries Sparks on ‘Suite Sixteen’, on which some of her previous songs from her original LP ‘Suite Sixtine’ were translated into English. She also worked with Etienne Daho and Jacno on other collaborative projects.

Her looks were a contrasting mix of coquette, ‘butter wouldn’t melt’ and overt sexuality. As I was compiling the photo montage I came across a couple of racy photo shoots, now comically dated with big 80s hair, stockings and suspenders and some strategically placed props, namely shower heads, mirrors, goldfish bowls and ken dolls! One of the more ‘tasteful’ images is featured above.

I discovered her by accident, as she played a leading role in a french film I saw, shortlisted for the competition category at the BA Film Festival. Impressed by her acting capabilities I became curious to find out more.

Yet it was her earlier incarnation as a bonafide euro pop act that really inspired me. Both her music and fashion epitomise the era, a perfect snapshot of the look and sound of the day.

images and text sources: google images, wikipedia


One Comment on “divine idylle # 4 : lio”

  1. i can not tell you how amazing i think lio is. i just do not have the words. i am not sure anyone does.
    i once had a dream where she was a babarella type scifi star who saved the world. with her voice of course.

    this small post has put a glow on my face this morning. thanks.

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