divine idylle # 5 : katherine ross

Katherine Ross was one of those women fortunate enough to have worked with not one, but two of the Silver Screen’s hottest men, and, in the storyline at least, was romantically involved with both. I’m referring to ‘Butch Cassidy and The Sundance Kid’, arguably one of my favourite films of all time, not least because of the eye candy on display (of both sexes) for its 112 minute duration. I can think of worst things than a Paul Newman/Robert Redford sandwich.

She also gave a sterling performance in ‘The Graduate’, where she treads a fine line between doe-eyed vulnerability and strength and tenacity, having been jilted by Dustin Hoffman who engages in an illicit affair with her mother, she goes on to swallow her pride and chooses to forgive him, fleeing from her wedding to another guy (chosen by her parents) to be with the man she loves when he interrupts proceedings. A scene later parodied to good effect by Mike Myers in Wayne’s World.

More recently she has carved out a career as an author, with several children’s books published.

Another Divine Idylle with an effortless beauty and beguiling quality, both aesthetically and in her acting capabilities.

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One Comment on “divine idylle # 5 : katherine ross”

  1. andrea says:

    Niush, justo estaba leyendo A Year of Magical Thinking, y Joan Didion habla de K.R. en su casa, y fue como verla fuera de sus papeles de actriz. A mí también me encanta, y nunca entendí – como Kelly Mc Gillis – por qué desapareció de la pantalla tan abruptamente. Leí lo de yia-yia, y me gustó mucho el final, cuando la viste en el ataúd.xxxxx

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