august in absentia

August has nearly been and gone and I’ve remained virtually silent, at least via my blog. I started interning at Time Out BA and it’s been a steeper learning curve than I ever anticipated. It’s also been the fruits of my labours, the end result of a 6 month process of taking risks, facing fears, embracing incertitude and things outside of my ‘comfort zone’. It’s been exhilarating and it’s bolstered my confidence, given me that much hankered after fire in my belly. Writing, knowing my efforts will make it into print tastes so sweet. I recognise that the challenge of accomplishing anything in life is being able to steady the nerves, commit unwaveringly to a cause and above all else, persevere with constancy and dogged determination. At the same time maintaining and nurturing self belief and conviction, even when the chips are down. I’m often my own worst enemy, the temptation to sabotage or jeopardise a good thing is always there lurking, but my hunger for success appears to be greater…

image: own


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